The use of pallets when storing, distributing and transporting goods is a solution widely used by companies in all industries. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, wooden pallets have been the most demanded, but since the wooden pallets were brought to the market, plastic pallets have been popular because of their many advantages.

In order to achieve more efficient logistics operations in the industrial sector, many improvements and various uses have been made. Wooden pallets and plastic pallets are commonly used, but plastic pallets are increasingly used.

8 benefits of plastic pallets over wooden pallets

Lighter. One of its main advantages is its light weight, because even with similar characteristics, the weight of plastic pallets is smaller than that of wooden pallets, which makes it ergonomic and easy to operate.

Waterproof. Humidity and water will not affect it, so its weight and dimensions remain unchanged. However, other packages with moisture will eventually deteriorate, swell and become heavier.

Greater resistance. With the passage of time, the life of wooden pallets will be greatly extended.

No maintenance. Please keep in mind that it is a product that does not spread debris and particles and requires no maintenance other than cleaning.

More hygienic. As mentioned above, because it is an impermeable material, it does not allow the introduction of parasites or bacteria, which makes it more hygienic than wood and makes it an ideal logistics solution in the food industry. Similarly, which simplifies the process and avoids accidents.

More environmentally friendly. The plastic pallet is made of 100% recyclable materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life. In this way, it is a sustainable, respectful solution that avoids the felling of trees and deforestation.

Easy to clean. They are made of plastic, so they can be cleaned quickly and easily because it can accept both water and other cleaning products.

-Can be customized. Another advantage provided by plastic pallets is that you can customize the color of the material and / or merge the logo, which can better locate and control the stored goods, and even identify different logistics routes.

Considering the many advantages of plastic pallets, coupled with the use of plastic pallets, it is also beneficial and guarantees the care and protection of the environment. Therefore, it has become the most recommended logistics solution for storing or transporting any active goods. If you are still not sure which pallet is best for your company, in Liyang, we have a large team of highly qualified and committed professionals who will provide you with uncompromising advice.

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