5 Gallon Water Production Plastic Pallet

With the popularization of industrial automation processes nowadays, factories in the pure hydraulic industry are also increasingly favoring the automation of production processes. By selecting automated production and storage [...]

H1 Plastic Pallet

H1 plastic pallet, which means hygienic plastic pallet, are designed to meet the stringent requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications. The hygienic pallet is made of plastic. This material is [...]

How to choose the rental plastic pallet?

Faced with many types of plastic pallets, how does a rental company choose the right rental pallet? First, choose the right size of plastic pallet according to your needs. [...]

Rental Plastic Pallets

In recent years, the business of leasing pallets has been well received by enterprises. Most of them are currently used in FMCG industries, such as the food industry and [...]

Classification of injection molding plastic pallets

Injection molding plastic pallet molding is divided into 1. one-piece injection molding 2. injection welding molding 3. injection molding combination. One-piece injection molding is a complete pallet when demolding [...]