H1 plastic pallet, which means hygienic plastic pallet, are designed to meet the stringent requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications.

The hygienic pallet is made of plastic. This material is much more hygienic than wood. Wooden pallets are easy to breed pests and insects. That will pollute the food and pharmaceutical products. But hygienic pallet is made by HDPE, one-piece injection. It is very clear and easy to wash.

For hygienic pallets, the raw materials and auxiliaries for the food industry also fall under the HACCP rules. It is safe for transport and storage of foodstuff.

Liyang Plastic pallet uses the virgin HDPE, totally hygienic material. We cooperated long time business with many food companies, like Coca-cola, Mengniu, Pepsi. We have hundreds of types of pallet, always can provide the most suitable to you.