-Used as a floorboard, plastic pallet do not need to move after loading the goods. It only need to be moisture-proof and waterproof. We can choose simple, low-cost plastic trays, such as nestable Industrial Pallets. And we should also pay attention to the static load of pallets.

-The structure of plastic pallets directly affects the efficiency of the use of plastic pallets. And the suitable structure can give full play to the characteristics of high-efficiency operation of forklifts.

-It’s necessary to choose a high strength plastic pallet for transportation, handling, loading and unloading.

-For shelf use, we should consider whether the structure of the plastic pallets is suitable for stacking on the shelf.

-For pile of stamping uses, a double-sided pallet is much better than single-sided one.Single-sided plastic pallet only has one carrying surface which would cause damage to lower-level goods.

-It’s also necessary to consider the size of the transport vehicle,containers and transport trucks.

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